Parnham Yard

Live, Laugh & Ride Horses

Barn Helpers

Obi Wan Kanobi – Barn Manager
Obi Wan Kanobi was a stray who wandered in one evening while Jen was sleeping in the barn awaiting Ono’s arrival.  As the temperature dropped in the teens that night, he snuggled his way into Jen’s heated blanket and into our hearts.  Shortly after he assumed the position of Barn Manager.
* Seen here, Obi Wan gives instructions to owner Teresa



Darwin – Field Manager
Darwin, a Border Collie, came to the barn via a friend.  He is enthusiastic, full of energy, highly affectionate and intelligent.  His favorite part of the day is helping fill the water buckets (he loves water).  He is always ready to work.
* His job is leading the way on the trails.

Belle – Security and Pest Control
Belle –

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